Experience the power of the Principles in two inspirational days.  

The Principles represent a profound shift in understanding the human experience, and unlock our potential for rich, rewarding and impactful lives and work. The implications of this understanding are as far-reaching as there are human experiences, from renewed love in relationship to unprecedented business results, from athletic success to sustained reversal of bullying in schools, from crime reduction to the reduction of addiction, PTSD, and all manner of psychological suffering.

In our two day workshops, experience for yourself how the Principles apply, anywhere and everywhere. Choose from the range of topics we offer, or bring your own.

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"I've known Sharon Strimling for many years. We’ve explored the principles behind clarity together while walking and talking on Salt Spring Island, hanging out at conferences and over delicious dinners. Sharon is lovely, a compassionate straight-shooter, and markedly devoted to being of service. Her deep understanding and embodiment of the nature of the principles will be a game changer for those who work with her."

-Jamie Smart, Sunday Times Bestselling Author, Speaker and Executive Coach