Almost 200 years ago, William James, regarded as the father of modern psychology, noted that the field of psychology was missing consistent, elemental principles. He predicted that when these principles were discovered, all human discovery since fire would pale in comparison. When you think about it, that is a very bold statement. However, it is proving to be true.

In the 40 short years since these foundational principles were discovered, there has been unparalleled, sweeping change in every area of human life around the globe.

Ultimately, these principles point to the fact that human mind has an exquisite and brilliant self-correcting system, not unlike the physical immune system. And when the natural functioning of the mind is understood, and one learns how to align with its intelligence, exceptional ingenuity, presence, calm, connection—and all the other qualities that make up rich lives and peaceful societies—become rapidly available.

So here's the punch line: No matter your past, your current circumstances or your future concerns, you are always and forever, perfectly positioned to thrive in any moment. As part of nature, there is no other way.

Sharon Strimling coaching and consulting is a direct line to reliable peace of mind, meaningful relationships, and innovation and ingenuity at work and at home; not simply because of Sharon’s understanding or skill, or that of her colleagues, but ultimately because of the 100% reliability of this understanding.

About Sharon:


Sharon Strimling has spent 25 years running businesses in the health and wellness industry, from therapeutic massage and fitness to integrative nutrition, coaching and yoga.  All of her work, no matter the modality, has been imbued with an understanding of the mind she feels profoundly thankful to have come across in the 1990s.  It is to this foundation that she attributes much of her own and her clients’ success in lasting wellness.  Sharon now dedicates herself full time to mentoring and training people in this understanding, so that they too can experience widespread, meaningful, and lasting results. Sharon and her team are deeply grateful to be sharing this understanding, and to be part of a global shift in human understanding that is empowering lives everywhere.


“One of the things that has shifted for me since I started working with and learning about the Three Principles from you, is my increased ability to be ok with whatever feelings are coming up for me. The idea that "I am feeling my thoughts" is such a powerful truth that allows me to be less consumed by, and worried about, my moment to moment experience. I love the way that you share this work; your manner is calm yet inspired. I feel like you respond to every question I ask as though it's an invitation to create more clarity and peace. The idea that insight is always available and I don't have to DO anything to receive it is life-changing and I'm so grateful to you for sharing this work with me.”

- Lily K. Morris, Integrative Health Coach