Do you ever question the widespread assumption that relationships should be difficult? That when the honeymoon stage is over and real life sets in, relationships should be hard work?

What if our current mythology has that all backwards?

The so-called "honeymoon stage" is actually very real, and intrinsically natural. As we innocently fall into working on our relationships, all our earnest efforts actually hold us back from where nature is trying to lead us. Hence our current paradigm of relationship counseling, that has produced statistically discouraging results.

Very good news—in a few short days, with an entirely new understanding, long-troubled relationships begin to shift in profound ways. And because these shifts rest on the solid ground of reality, they last. In fact they deepen.

This understanding is not only life-changing for romantic relationships, but for all relationships, as well as for those wishing to find them.

We offer 6 to 12 month intensives, transformational coaching packages and romance retreats to couples anywhere within the US or abroad, in-person or via Zoom or Skype.

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Working with Sharon has proven to be truly transformative, both for myself and my relationship. She is giving us tools we never knew we had, and teaching us how to use them without knowing we’re using them! Our sessions run the gamut from intense to joyful to funny to incredibly interesting on an intellectual level (I am an over-thinker). I look forward to them every week, and I am seeing my partner and I becoming closer every moment, without even trying.