Sharon is truly special. One of the few thought-leaders I’ve met who actually has a deep grasp on how human beings thrive in this dimension of existence. What’s more, she lives life with great energy, honesty and authenticity. Do you want more of the best things in life — health, vitality, love, success? Sharon and her team have the answers to these questions and much, much more. Don’t pass up an opportunity to work with her.
— Brenton Mix. Entrepreneur, CEO, Author
Working with Sharon has been a wonderful experience. Work was creating a lot of stress in my life, and learning the three principles with someone so caring and genuine helped me improve my mental clarity, allowing me to increase my productivity and focus. Realizing where thought comes from and what it really means was a huge breakthrough for me, and working with Sharon felt like hanging out with a good friend. Highly recommend for anyone looking to feel better in work and in life.
— Nick Nedzweckas. Chief Business Development Officer, Dvinci Energy, Boston, MA.
One of the things that has shifted for me since I started working with and learning about the Three Principles from Sharon, is my increased ability to be ok with whatever feelings are coming up for me.  The idea that “I am feeling my thoughts” is such a powerful truth that allows me to be less consumed by, and worried about, my moment to moment experience. I love the way that Sharon shares this work; her manner is calm yet inspired.  She responds to every question I ask as though it’s an invitation to create more clarity and peace.  The idea that insight is always available and I don’t have to DO anything to receive it is life-changing, and I’m so grateful to Sharon for sharing this work with me.
— Lily K. Morris, Integrative Health Coach
I am so pleased to have worked alongside Sharon Strimling delivering Principles workshops to groups. I have also observed her work with individual clients. Sharon combines a genuine love of people with a deep commitment to being of service to them. This is truly the hallmark of everything she does. Her level of understanding of how the mind works, and her ability to connect and share in a beautifully engaging, articulate and fun way, mean that her clients not only enjoy the sessions immensely — but more importantly, they experience major transformation — both in their businesses and in their lives.
— Stef Cybichowski, London, England. Facilitator, trainer, International speaker and founder of Your Unlimited Potential. Faculty, Supercoach Academy
Facilitating with Sharon is amazing, she has a way of drawing out a clarity and depth from others and responds so beautifully with what wisdom is showing up through her in the moment. She radiates a loving presence and is truly committed to being of service to others.
— Rudi Kennard, internationally renowned speaker and trainer in the 3 Principles
I’ve known Sharon Strimling for many years. We’ve explored the principles behind clarity together while walking and talking on Salt Spring Island, hanging out at conferences and over delicious dinners. Sharon is lovely, a compassionate straight-shooter, and markedly devoted to being of service. Her deep understanding and embodiment of the nature of the principles will be a game changer for those who work with her.
— Jamie Smart. Sunday Times Bestselling Author, Speaker and Executive Coach
I met Sharon Strimling at a time where anxiety consumed many of my thoughts….Understanding the true nature of thought, and connecting that to nature itself… I am no longer fighting my life. On the contrary, I’m all in.
— Rick F. Martha’s Vineyard, MA
Working with Sharon has proven to be truly transformative, both for myself and my relationship. She is giving us tools we never knew we had, and teaching us how to use them without knowing we’re using them! Our sessions run the gamut from intense to joyful to funny to incredibly interesting on an intellectual level (I am an overthinker). I look forward to them every week, and I am seeing my partner and I becoming closer every moment, without even trying.
— DK, NYC Photographer
It’s hard to express in words our relationship with Sharon... If you have the opportunity to experience the love and light she exudes you’ll know exactly what I mean.  The best way I can describe her presence in my families life is that warm feeling of being exactly where you’re supposed to be.
— Adam Brewster & Family. Plymouth, MA
Sharon is a very rare gift. I have known her just a few short months but the conversations I have had with her have been some of the most memorable, most insightful and valuable of my life. My time with her has resulted in genuinely life-changing insights and profound moments of clarity. Sharon is one of those people I consider to be ‘in the right place’ almost all of the time, and has had a big impact on my understanding of the Three Principles, and of life in general.

Talking with Sharon feels like chatting with a good friend. But in these chats, magic has happened every time! I am certainly planning to go to future events with which she is involved. I want more from Sharon!

I couldn’t recommend her more highly as a facilitator, a speaker, and as a friend.
— Sasha Stephens, Author, U.K.
Working with Sharon has been a truly enlightening experience. Sharon’s intuitive ability to connect and engage has enabled me to attain a much deeper understanding of my thoughts and how they affect my wellbeing. It has also enabled a connection with my partner on a much deeper, profound level that has seen us become ever closer in the past months.
— Matt Clark, UK Musician


My company did a 3-day intensive with Strimling Consulting and One Solution. This was far from any “personal/business development” event or team activity we have done. We would do the 3-day intensive 10 times over with Sharon if we could. After the intensive, our leadership team was more focused, clear and energetic than we have been all year. This energy spread to the rest of our team, and we are gratefully achieving our best performance as a company - week after week.

I highly recommend Sharon Strimling Consulting to any team that wants to take their performance to the next level.
— Walid Halty, CEO & Founder, Dvinci Energy
As CEO of a start-up not-for-profit at a critical moment in our development, the decision to fly our entire team to Martha’s Vineyard for a one-week retreat - and thus hitting “pause” on our programmatic work and fundraising - was a leap of faith! Within an hour of beginning the work, it was clear it was a wise and potentially transformative decision. Every member of our team was engaged by the power of the training - and listening and participating with an interest and openness that was moving. This was partly due to the insights Sharon, Rudi, and Christine shared, and partly because individually and together they are exceptional facilitators. When we left, we were changed - individually and as a team. I saw concretely how individuals on our team were able to draw on the well of insight from the retreat the following week, when we were able to navigate a potentially serious problem more gracefully and successfully. I have no doubt that our work - individually and as a team - will have greater impact on the world and deeper personal benefit because of the work we have done - and will continue to invest in - with Sharon, Rudi, and Christine.
— Andrea Strimling Yodsampa, Ph.D. CEO, DEPLOY/US
I immensely enjoyed our Martha’s Vineyard team training facilitated by Sharon, Rudi, and Christine. It gave me and my colleagues a rare opportunity to step back and explore concepts that are intuitive, inherently reassuring, and hard to lend language to, but key to both our individual and organizational effectiveness as a non-profit - emotional resilience and recovery, enhanced empathy and understanding, mental space and clarity. It was an opportunity to have meaningful and deep conversation and to help us get “back to basics” on our shared intent and purpose. Since the training, we’ve been better able to support each other’s efforts daily, and have experienced an enhanced capacity for effective long-term goal setting, prioritization, and problem solving. Undoubtedly, our team has internalized a much more optimistic, solutions-outcome approach that has already expanded our collaboration and productivity. I’d recommend this training for any organization that is seeking an opportunity to recenter, refocus, or identify core strengths and goals, as well as organizations seeking durable internal improvement in workplace skills like interpersonal communication and team building.
— Catrina Rorke Senior Advisor, DEPLOY/US
Sharon Strimling, Christine Higgins and Rudi Kennard did an incredible job facilitating the discovery and evolving work of DEPLOY/US. The four day corporate retreat, though rooted in the individual experience, elicited a powerful process that directly mapped to our organization’s vision. It drew the team simultaneously into a mindful presence and a focused intent, allowing us to connect in a meaningful and unfettered way to explore new ideas and solutions. More than an exercise, this new approach, in an innovative and skillful way confirmed our core vision but deftly reframed our challenge, clarified our priorities and strengthened our strategy. I would highly recommend this training for any organization wanting to be intentional about preparing for any kind of transition or planning process.
— Siobhán O'Riordan Senior Advisor, Capacity Building, DEPLOY/US


I highly recommend this course to everyone. It’s life changing. After taking some private sessions with Sharon, I was looking to connect with a group of like-minded students. At first I wasn’t sure the online format would work for me, but it was amazing! Sharon and Christine are terrific teachers and made everyone feel welcome. They facilitated sharing in a way that made us feel like we were all in the same room, though we were from around the world. A special highlight was having international guest speakers. Both Jacqueline Hollows and Rudi Kennard shared amazing insights and experience of their work with the Three Principles. I look forward to more teachings, as well as insights, wisdom and love from fellow students on this journey.
— Ruth McGorty, Martha's Vineyard, MA
My initial enthusiasm for this course was only trumped by my enthusiasm for the reality of it! The material, insights and people were beautiful. The glimpses of truth that percolated and then showed up at the least expected moments really caught my attention. I’ve felt a renewed curiosity for life, and have discovered more patience on my personal journey. What a feeling of peace — to know that we can access wisdom and insight always, as these are the building blocks of our cellular make-up.

And who better to be out there, sharing this wisdom than Sharon and Christine! They both happily and deftly embody their role as guides in this life-long exploration. Their enthusiasm is infectious, their words and metaphors beautiful. If you have an opportunity to connect with them, don’t think, just do!

And, how lucky we were that they arranged to have both Rudi Kennard and Jacqueline Hollows as guest speakers for us, with their experience of sharing this profound understanding so far and wide.

I’m truly inspired — and it’s only the beginning. I will definitely continue with their courses and retreats. I am so looking forward to seeing how this continues to unfold in my life!
— Megan K, Martha’s Vineyard
The personal elevations that I experienced throughout the “Living your full color life” program were significant and truly unexpected. Our group was special and flowed very naturally. My soul feels nourished and my spirit light. I found myself hungry for the interaction, the sharing and the presence.

Making the decision to be a part of this group was challenging - I am a 100% responsible/single parent of 3 teenage children, with a highly demanding career and I just couldn’t fathom how I could do it. This program ended up becoming something I couldn’t wait for and I never missed a session.

Sharon and Christine also brought in two international guest speakers- Rudi Kennard and Jacqueline Hollows.
The sharing from Jacqueline was so organic and real - her purpose and passion triggered many thoughts - a beautiful session. Then there was Rudi Kennard - another awesome being. I had to re-watch the videos to keep taking it in - his soul is so bright & full of positive energy.

This was just the beginning for me. Once I started understanding all of this, so many pieces came together. I will never be the same and will never stop being a part of this and sharing it with others.

I’m so grateful for Sharon & Christine and the love and wisdom they share.
— Christine D, New York
This course exceeded my expectations! I took it to hear the principles spoken through a different voice, and to make new connections. But I ended up growing and developing in new ways through this course. I did make new, close connections — but also a closer connection with myself. My compassion has grown, my connection is stronger, and my fears have dissipated.

I didn’t do anything in particular, just showed up, hung around, contributed a bit, and listened — truly listened beyond the words to the essence of the people sharing.

I’ve grown up around so much hate, fear, and exclusion, and yet within this group I felt so much love and inclusion.The greatest gift was to see that that is within people, and that helped me shed the armor that I held onto to protect myself from something I completely made up. With that experience, I can help others see that within themselves, and help them to do the same.

The guest speakers were also awesome! Jacqueline brought even more compassion and Rudi brought even more truth. The people I’ve met through this understanding bring so much love, so much compassion, so much connection; and knowing that these all point to truth is amazing. There is so much hope for the world as this understanding continues to spread.

I would definitely recommend this training. As I see it, this understanding is the cure to eradicate violence, pain, suffering, and mental illness.
— Sophia Katerinis, Principles Coach & Pilates Instructor, UK